Bubble Plate Stills

Manufacturers and suppliers of the Modular distillation equipment to distillers who care about quality. Our stills are made to provide a lifetime of service without compromise.


Our Boilers

We have a range of boilers to suit most peoples needs, however we can still customise our designs to suit any special requirements.

4inch Bubble Plate Stills

6inch Bubble Plate Stils

The 5 Star 6 inch modular column for the truly advanced amatuer and intermediate craft distiller. Like the 4 inch column, It is very versatile capable of being re-configured as a pot still, 4 plate whiskey still or a 6 – 8 plate for the manufacture of impeccably clean vodka or gin. Being able to reconfigure means that you will only ever need this one still to enable your distilling to make limitless product styles. The enormous best in class, sight glasses enable you to always see what is happening, And make balancing the still a breeze. This is an outstanding still which will give a lifetime of service.

8inch Commercial Plate Stils

Awe inspiring distilling power in a beautifully engineered column. This is the answer for the professional craft distiller who wants to offer world class spirits to the discerning market. You can live your distilling dream with commercial quantity and amazing quality spirits. Like all our modular distilling equipment. This is a totally versatile still…It just does not get better than this. Available in Pot, and any number of plates to 8 plate and beyond.
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